Voice Calendar Privacy

Tell'endar & Tell'endar demo Privacy Policy

  • Privacy policy may be subject to change without user notice to maintain Google Play store policy requirements
  • Any changes to privacy policy are posted on this page and available for public review
  • User information obtained by the application is subject to, and compliant with, Google play user privacy policies
  • All gathered user information relates to usage statistics as reported by Google play services, including but not limited to ratings, reviews, and crash reports.

The developer assumes no responsibility for unwanted user posted information as result of using this application

  • Privacy settings for resulting calendar events always default to user specified system preferences
  • This application does not test, change, alter, or modify these user system privacy settings
  • The user is responsible for any undesirable calendar notifications/alerts/emails sent as result by the default calendar agent

Please contact me at moc.liamg|htawrohnodnarb#moc.liamg|htawrohnodnarb if you have any questions or concerns!

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