Voice Calendar Permissions


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Permissions Requirements

  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (added: v. 1.009)

used during multi-event shares
allows user interaction with app to create next share event
implemented as more ideal solution opposed to app monitoring SMS and emails sent successfully
prevents unwanted/unnecessary event info sent to unwanted parties
prevents flooding SMS with multi-event details (excessive SMS character count)

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (added: v. 1.006)

only accessed when directly specified by user
used to determine GPS coordinates and resulting closest street address location
address location data is not retained once the Entry process completes
in the event your GPS is disabled, the app will request you turn it on. The app will not turn on GPS for you, but if your GPS is disabled and you decide to turn it on when queried the app will disable your GPS for you again automatically once the process completes
if no location is determined in 2 minutes the process will self-terminate, which the user can do anytime.
if a current location (lat/long) is available as result of another process ie. Google Maps, the app will not query through GPS (though GPS needs to activate briefly) unless that location (lat/long) was determined over two minutes ago (not considered 'current' location)


note: does not 'disable' key guard, voice recognition ceases immediately upon device lock
standard android permission to allow menu display
enables user notification of voice prompt in the event app registers incorrectly device is still 'locked'
enables menu notification appearance in the event device is locked under appropriate conditions, i.e. 'Add' voice input selected and device is suddenly locked. This is a situation where the app will 'unlock' your device in order to display the menu specified by you, the user.


standard android Google STT API requirement
enables speech-to-text recognition in the event downloaded offline Google voice recognition packs are unavailable on device
enables sync with various calendar management applications


standard android permission to identify stored calendar events
enables event announcements
enables sync feature for multiple calendars


standard android permission for referenced data
enables usage of downloaded offline voice recognition packs
enables functionality for several third-party calendar managers


standard android permission to initiate application monitoring service for device
note: application service does not start until initiated by pressing the application icon
exception: enables application monitor start activation by other applications such as, Tasker


standard android permission to 'wake device'
enables application start in the event device is in 'standby' or 'deep sleep' modes


standard android permission to create calendar entries
enables core functionality of the application for the user


standard android permission for creating data on a device
enables third-party calendar manager integration
enables sync for multiple calendars
enables event entry creation for multiple calendars

Rooted Users:


standard android root use permission
note: this is currently not required
future versions have advanced event search functionality planned
this permission is currently bundled for root users in the event the user only desires to implement some root functionality enabled on their device as part of the application

This application asks for 'DEVICE_ID'
Developer suggests users DECLINE this permission request!
Unfortunately, I have no root devices and cannot determine the cause for this. Rooted devices by nature have a tendency to utilize undocumented or outdated standard implementation protocols. I cannot speculate on the cause for this permission request on some rooted devices.
I can say, it certainly is not a utilized permission.
- Brandon Horwath

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